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Based in Amanzimtoti,  Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, Techknowledge is a one stop/full service information technology solutions provider focusing on the business as well as technical drivers around IT solutions unique to our clients.

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Who Are We?

Techknowledge Communications is part of a partnership of a number of wireless network operators geographically spread through South Africa, with a principal focus on providing affordable and reliable wireless communication solutions in rural and urban areas.                                 

We believe these wireless networks should be made available to the surrounding local communities as part of company upliftment strategies.

Reasons why broadband networks wireless are successful!

  • Negates current high costs.
  • Ease of implementation.
  • Remote maintenance.
  • Ease of upgrading.
  • Latest world class technology.

Private shaped networks. Why is there a high communication cost?
The cost of communication is fuelled by numerous factors that plague Southern Africa, exacerbating the already poor situation. These are:

  • Perverse profit focus of current Telecom providers.
  • Cost of technology investment.
  • Skills and expertise.
  • Lack of investment by profitable telecom providers in less profitable markets.
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What are our options?
By ignoring or accepting the situation it does not make it go away.
We must focus on building networks that:

  • Are community orientated.
  • Are focused on community upliftment.
  • Give the communities access to world class technologies and services.
  • Make it cost effective to access these world class technologies and services.

There are a multitude of Wireless Technologies available to choose from.
These are some of the issue to consider when choosing a technology, that will differentiate one solution from another:

  • Mobile or fixed
  • Cost (implementation and maintenance)
  • Bandwidth

Rather than getting stuck in a world of jargon and gizmo features, choose the most practical solution for your needs.

The world is moving all communication technologies to IP based platforms. As long as your wireless platform utilises IP as a network protocol, any solution you implement is easily extended and enhanced to include additional features and technology in the future.

How to start
Identify your target goals. Break your target goals down into:

  • Short-term
  • Medium-term
  • Long-term
  • Define a period per term.
  • Identify an IP Wireless Technology to provision a backbone for your short and medium term needs.
  • Identify an IP Wireless Technology for your short-term point-to-multipoint need.
  • Identify skill level required and select a partner to implement.

Everyone is talking about it! We are doing it!
We currently manage and operate 48 high-points around South Africa, with numerous new high-points being planned and rolled-out constantly. We have real-world deployment experience in Southern Africa.

Client base
Techknowledge and our partners provides wireless communication solutions to a wide range of clients and public initiatives, namely:

  • Corporate Business & SME’ (NPC, Cybertek etc.)
  • Healthcare in KZN (AIDS treatment programs)
  • Education Departments (Schools)
  • Municipalities (Northern Free State)
  • Individual private home users

Standards across the network, including specific client point-to-point implementations are defined and maintained centrally.
Monitoring of all critical systems is done via a fully automated monitoring and escalation system, making use of tools such as SMS for event notification. All high-points and client equipment is remotely configurable and upgradeable.

Current Major Projects

  • Role-out to 237 schools in Michells Plain to provide Internet and Voice services.
  • VOIP pilot for implementation at shopping centres across SA. (partners include BCX & Datapro)
  • Metro Rail video surveillance solution for improving security on railway lines.
  • North Eastern Free State – connect 270 municipal offices.
  • Starting project with Umdoni Municipality.
  • Starting project with Illovo Sugar.

Why choose Techknowledge and Partners as a partner

  • We have a wealth of “in-the-field” live experience with wireless technologies.
  • We focus on empowerment of local communities through corporate JV’s.
  • We place strong emphasis on upliftment of communities through skills transfer with corporate partners.
  • Have a passion to provide cost-effective and high quality communication solutions that are seamless to operate and manage.
  • We are a fully accredited 2nd tear channel partner to DataPro ISP
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 VOIP experience

  • We have developed and honed our skills in VOIP technologies, from the use of traditional Internet services to VOIP over wireless.
  • We have extensive experience in interconnecting with major VOIP providers.
  • We supply Linux based digital PBX scalable systems over wireless.
  • We are VOX “least cost routing” accredited through DataPro.

What we can give you

  • A sound platform and experience to assist in planning and implementing a wireless LAN strategy; making use of wireless, copper and fibre.
  • Substantial savings on previously inhibitive communications media.
    Private “point top point” LAN network as extension of head office.
  • Cost effective break out to ISP solutions through DataPro.
  • Remote security monitoring.
  • Free calls within private network.
  • Large cost savings on national, international and landline to cellular calls.
  • Free conference calls within private network.

What does it all cost?

  • A large portion of the funding, will come through cost savings in communications.
  • A relatively short period to effect return of investment for costs not covered by savings.

The Future

  • E-Centers at local rural schools that can be used for tertiary education and business centers after school hours.
  • Internet kiosks at key locations throughout the municipal area.
  • VOIP systems as public phones giving the communities access to cheaper local and long distance voice calls.
  • Intranet and Extranet municipal solution allowing the community easier access to municipal information and services, whilst at the same time strengthening the relationship between local government and their communities.
  • Introduce meter reading equipment that makes use of the network for automated meter reading.
  • Video surveillance through wireless to improve security and policing.