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Based in Amanzimtoti,  Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, Techknowledge is a one stop/full service information technology solutions provider focusing on the business as well as technical drivers around IT solutions unique to our clients.

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What healthcare professionals have long sought is the right information at the right time and at the right place. Achieving this requires an easy-to-use system that provides comprehensive patient information at every point of care. TrakHealth provides a widely accessible, Web-based Electronic Patient Record baked in to TrakCare applications that provides the necessary backbone.

With a “patient-centric” information system that seamlessly connects legacy and foreign system data, TrakCare delivers exponential improvements to the care of every person and to the effectiveness of every healthcare professional.

Two capabilities set TrakCare apart from other healthcare information systems:

Our innovative “FastTrak to ePR” technology delivers an Electronic Patient Record with record speed.  FastTrak is a breakthrough when compared to alternative “rip and replace” healthcare information systems that can take years to enable an Electronic Patient Record, if they are successful at all.
Our “Rapid Tailoring” feature provides unrivalled product flexibility so that our customers can rapidly address changes in technology, administration and healthcare policies.


  • Recently Amalgamated the Health Division, with Trifour System Pty Ltd, appointed TrakHealth Hospital information Systems Australia (HIS) partner for Africa.
  • Supplier of Tribill, Trifour’s country specific billing engine.
  • Techknowledge Health now trades as TriFour Systems Pty Ltd retaining all staff and infrastructure that was available previously.
  • Fully integrated single electronic patient record (EPR) with clinical pathways, outcomes, debtors, stock, pharmacy, retail pharmacy and many more.
  • Essential development for South African requirements undertaken and recently commissioned (Tribill).
  • New HTML technology allowing remote operation through Internet Browsing techniques.
  • Small to very large enterprise solutions covering all persuasions.
  • Currently installing in KZN and Gauteng with negotiating underway with a group of hospitals.
  • Specialised HIV/AIDS patient care and monitoring module has been developed.
  • Staff complement has been involved with health care systems for 15 years.
  • Currently working with Delloit’s on large corporate and Government departments such as the Department Of Health KZN
  • Supply, Installation, configuration, Implement, training and consult on the PROCLIN Hospital Information System product (HIS).
  • Hospital Management business unit management including process design and implementation.
  • Practice and Hospital management systems experience.
  • Assist with other HIS vendors such as Delta9.








Unique “Have It Your Way” Solutions

TrakCare is a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare information system application modules that may be quickly implemented to solve immediate pressing problems, or adopted as an integrated portfolio to serve more expansive needs.

TrakCare was built with a series of user tools that allow the system to be customised for a geography or client. These powerful system management tools, coupled with the innovative architecture of TrakCare, give a customer greater options to meet their specific needs. Three key capabilities include

  • FastTrak Solutions – solutions deliver great value quickly without imposing the huge time, cost and risk elements that typify the “rip and replace” strategy required by so many other vendor alternatives.
  • Collaborative Application Network –TrakCare is built on an integration platform that seamlessly connects other healthcare applications forming a collaborative application network. TrakCare seamlessly integrates existing legacy applications along with other vendor systems and even future, yet-to-be-defined solutions yielding a unique best-of-breed solution.
  • Unmatched object-enabled flexibility – TrakCare applications were built by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, and we knew one consideration was paramount: a system that is easy to use must “work the way you do.” Since every healthcare organisation works in a unique way, unrivalled flexibility was built into the TrakCare architecture using modern object technologies that readily support quick and easy changes to system functionality, look-and-feel, and operational workflow.

The TrakCare Portfolio of Application Modules
A TrakCare solution is created from the TrakCare portfolio of modules and can also interoperate with existing legacy systems or even other best-of-breed applications. The unique “FastTrak to ePR” approach provides the ability to “snap together” an optimal organisation specific solution, providing immediate Electronic Patient Record benefits
Current TrakCare modules include:

  • TrakCare Clinicals – workbenches and tools for health care providers to assist with the safe and efficient provision and documentation of patient care while seamlessly building patient-centric information
  • TrakCare Patient Administration System (PAS) – the full suite of patient-focused care functions for managing Web-based patient demographic and administrative information for inpatient, outpatient and community care
  • TrakCare Emergency – blending the full gamut of administrative through clinical functions for the fast-paced emergency environment from triage to admission or discharge
  • TrakCare Lab – integrates all clinical laboratory functions including biochemistry, immunology, serology, haematology, blood transfusion, cellular pathology and microbiology from common phlebotomy through ePR reported results
  • TrakCare Community – a rich web-based environment facilitating the continuance of service beyond the confines of inpatient care. Services planned or rendered at the community centre and/or the client's place of residence are viewable via a comprehensive diary-based ePR.

What Sets Us Apart
TrakHealth’s vision has guided us in providing a new “gold standard” for healthcare information systems: Rapidly delivering improved care for every person, by empowering every healthcare professional.

For more information www.techhealth.co.za